Benefits of a Sleep Mask

Sleep Masks are the latest products I've developed for Ocelot and something I'm personally a huge fan of. They sass up your evening ensemble whilst offering up some serious health and beauty benefits too.



Improved sleep quality

Sleep masks work by mimicking darkness and erasing exposure to light. This aids the body's production of the melatonin hormone it needs to feel sleepy. Being exposed to light - even dim light through closed eyelids - will lower melatonin levels and our brains and bodies start to wake up. The tightly woven silk fabric is highly effective at blocking out intrusive light.


Skin benefits 

Natural silk fibres provide maximum comfort and breathability. The silk not only feels dreamy against your skin, it regulates body temperature, reduces moisture and prevents friction between the delicate skin around the eyes and pillowcase, which over time adds to the breakdown in collagen. In short the silk helps to reduce wrinkles, sans injection. 


Health benefits 

Scientific studies have identified consistently poor sleep can be a contributing factor to many health risks, from mood disorders through to heart disease and diabetes. Some studies have also found that an eye mask can help to improve cases of insomnia. 


Caring for your silk sleep masks

Silk is a natural fibre and must be treated very carefully. I recommend hand washing your sleep mask in warm water with a Ph neutural liquid detergent for delicate fabrics to avoid damage / shrinkage. To avoid stretching, air dry your mask flat. 

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