Hello & New Logo!

Well hello there, and welcome to Ocelot Studio! I’m Chelsea; designer, seamstress, tea maker and post woman behind the brand. 

I wanted to document the goings on in the studio, so I created 'Behind the Seams' to give you an insight into my small, one-man brand. That, and share my general ramblings about the making process, my inspirations and so on. And with the logo being reimagined earlier this month, it seemed the most apt place to kick things off. 

My original logo was created back in 2018 for the launch of Ocelot.

Inspiration stemmed from the beautiful works of the Art Nouveau movement. The femininity of the style and beautiful women adorned in long cascading dresses lent itself perfectly to my vintage influences, but what I really loved was the music world's interpretation. Throughout history musicians have experimented with the style. The results are rebellious and psychedelic. Bold and bright colours flood a more refined, simple imagery, making it perfect for a logo. From Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac and Bowie to more recently Lana Del Rey and Florence Welch, all have reworked the style creating artwork for covers and tour posters alike. 

This style encapsulated everything I wanted my brand to be. It's about history and times-gone-by, a musical heritage and a fun, rebellious spirit. 


The final logo, however, just didn't hit the spot. It was too busy and fell a little flat. I always knew I would revisit it. Then 2020 happened. An awful year for so many reasons, but one positive was the extra time it gave me to refocus on my brand and its future. Nailing the logo felt like the right place to start. 

Enter the awesome designer Sami Graystone. Sami was an absolute dream to work with. Already familiar with the style, she used my brand notes and original concept ideas to create something so much better than i'd ever imagined. My Art Nouveau lady was brought to life with a bold femininity that represents my brand perfectly and I am truly over the moon with it!